PublishPress 1.18 Has New Features and Gutenberg Workarounds

WordPress 5.0 is out now and it does cause a key issue with PublishPress.

However, we’re actively working to solve the problems that Gutenberg causes, and we’re still rolling out new features.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in PublishPress 1.18.

A better “Notify” box, plus you can notify non-WordPress users

1.18 improves the “Notifications” box that you see while creating content. The new “Active Notifications” feature makes it easy to see which notifications these users will receive.

These “Active Notifications” can be set up using this option inside each Notification:

In 1.18, you can also add email addresses so non-WordPress users can get notifications. Just type the email addresses directly into the “Notifications” box, as in the image below.

Finally inside the notifications, there’s also a new shortcode: psppno_receiver. Click here for details on customizing the notifications.

Support for Gutenberg

In our post about Gutenberg, we mentioned that the new editor has dropped support for some key WordPress features that PublishPress relied on.

PublishPress will quietly disable any features that Gutenberg doesn’t support. If you do visit a feature that’s not working with Gutenberg, you will see this message prompting you to install the Classic Editor.

Full Changelog

PublishPress 1.18 also has several bug-fixes. You can see the full list of changes at

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