PublishPress Series Has New Screen for Publishing Series

PublishPress Series is the best way to manage newspaper and magazine issues in WordPress.

To help more users, we've just moved one of the most useful features from the Pro version to the Free version.

All users of PublishPress Series now have access to the “Publish Series” screen. This is available under the “Posts” link in the WordPress admin area:

Publish Series Link
Publish Series Link

In the image below, you can see the full “Publish Series” screen with three series waiting to be published.

Publish Series
Publish Series

Here are some of the tools on this screen that you can use to manage your series:

  • Update order: This allows you to change the order of the posts in your series.
  • Publish all: Either publish the whole series now, or schedule it for the future.
  • Unpublish all: Instantly remove all the posts in the series from your site.
  • View series in admin: Allows you to browse all the posts in the series in your WordPress dashboard.
  • View series in frontend: Takes you to the visitors' view of this series.

Let me introduce two of these features in more detail. The “Update order” and “Publish all” features both have new screens and significant changes in this release of PublishPress Series.

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Update order

If you click on “Update order”, you will be taken to a new screen. This feature allows you to drag-and-drop the posts in the Series into a new order. Take a look at the image below and you'll see that the movies are in the wrong order (if you don't like Star Wars, you'll have to trust us on this).

Update Order Series
Update Order Series

You can select each row and drag and post it into its correct position. You don't have to use this screen. You can also select the order of posts via the main “Posts” screen and while editing each post in the series.

Drag Drop Series
Drag Drop Series

Publish all

The “Publish all” button will also take you to a new screen. In the right sidebar, you can choose a publishing date for all the posts in this series.

Publish All
Publish All

If you choose the current date, the posts will publish immediately. If you choose a date in the future, all the posts in the series will be scheduled to publish on that date and time. In the image below, you can see that three posts in this series are scheduled for future publication.

Schedule All Posts
Schedule All Posts

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  1. Thank you for the incredibly useful update!

    We have approximately 300 series of Posts and a thousand or so posts serialized.

    So, this plugin is invaluable in keeping our archives organized. Basically, we use the serialization each time we publish a Post. The new Publish Series screen will help us tremendously in keeping tabs on all of our series.

    I did notice that there is no setting for Enable or Disable auto-updates within the admin area. Was that purposeful?


    1. Hi Marcus. I’m really glad you find Series useful. If you’re using the Free version, there should be an auto-update option. There isn’t one with the Pro version.

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