Control Who Can Move WordPress Content to a New Status

By default, most WordPress users have access to the “Publish” button.

Anyone who is an Author, Editor or Administrator can publish content without permission from anyone else.

Only two groups do not have access to the “Publish” button: Contributors and Subscribers.

PublishPress allows you to create your own publishing statuses and user groups. So, in short, you can customize your publishing statuses, user groups, and the permissions that link them together.

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Say Hello to the New PublishPress Notifications

Over the last few weeks, we've been working hard to improve the Notifications area in PublishPress.

The Notifications feature makes sure your WordPress team members get the content updates they need.

There are a lot of setting in there, so our challenge was to make sure the user interface is very easy to use. Finally, we think we've succeeded.

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Easy Publishing Teamwork on WordPress with PublishPress

WordPress is no longer a simple blogging platform it once was. Out of the box, it can be molded into a sophisticated content management system that handles complicated back-end requirements. However, your site may have requirements,  that can't be easily met with just the WordPresss core.

The PublishPress plugin meets one of such requirements. It enables teams to use WordPress as a collaborative publishing platform. It features a calendar for planning content creation, a content manager, and notifications to keep members of the team informed of the publishing workflow updates.

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WordPress 4.9 Will Allow You to Schedule Design Changes

The Gutenberg editor is making all the headlines in the WordPress world. That new editor is due to arrive in WordPress 5.0.

However, the WordPress team are moving ahead in other areas too. One very cool new feature has just been added to WordPress 4.9, which is due for release in mid-November.

This new feature allows you schedule design changes inside the Customizer.

Let's see how this new feature will work …

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What’s New in PublishPress 1.7?

What's Coming in PublishPress 1.7?

The slogan of PublishPress is “WordPress for Teams”.

PublishPress is a fork of Edit Flow, and we’re working hard to add new features that your team members will love.

The latest version of PublishPress is available today, and it provides big improvements to the design and functionality of some older Edit Flow features.

There are two big changes that you'll see immediately:

  • A new editorial calendar design
  • An improved notifications system

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Easily Add Multiple Authors to Any WordPress Post

Update: this plugin is now called PublishPress Authors.

The slogan of PublishPress is “Professional Publishing Tools for WordPress”.

This week's new add-on is the perfect example of what that slogan means.

By default, WordPress allows you to set only one author for your posts. But, many teams write content together. The Multiple Authors add-on allows you to assign multiple authors to one content item.

This image shows a post that's using the Multiple Authors add-on:

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The WooCommerce Checklist Add-on for PublishPress is Here

Update: this WooCommerce feature is now part of PublishPress Checklistts Pro.

The slogan of PublishPress is “Professional Publishing Tools for WordPress”.

With features like the PublishPress Checklists, PublishPress improves consistency across your team. You can create shared standards for your content.

What about your WooCommerce store? Great news. We just launched the WooCommerce Checklist add-on for PublishPress.

Using this new add-on you will can define tasks that must be completed before a product is published on your WooCommerce store. This ensures a consistent and high quality shopping experience.

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Using Poedit to Translate Your WordPress Plugins

Over the last weeks, we've started to get more and more requests for translations of PublishPress and EmbedPress.

As a team, we speak English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

That's a pretty good list, but it only goes so far. What about French, German and the other popular languages that our users want?

Fortunately, we've stumbled on an excellent tool called Poedit which has been a big help in translating plugins.

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Possibly the Best Editorial Calendar in WordPress

PublishPress is the WordPress plugin for people who really care about their content.

The new version of PublishPress is out today with a design overhaul for the content calendar, which allows you to plan and schedule all your posts.

The PublishPress calendar was based on a 7-year old design in the Edit Flow plugin. The new version provides a refresh so the calendar design looks great in all modern browsers.

We hope you'll find PublishPress to be one of the best-looking editorial calendars in WordPress.

The image below gives you a preview:

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The Permissions Add-on for PublishPress is Here

The slogan of PublishPress is “Professional Publishing Tools for WordPress”. The latest PublishPress add-on allows a large team to work effectively in WordPress.

By default, WordPress offers a fixed set of publishing permissions:

  • Contributors can write their own posts.
  • Authors can write and also publish their own posts.
  • Editors can edit and publish posts by anyone on the site.

There are some WordPress plugins that allow you to customize these permissions, but they're all working within a limited set of options.

After talking to hundreds of companies, we've realized that many of you can't fit your company's processes around WordPress' limitations:

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