PublishPress Authors Is the Successor to Bylines

Hey everyone,

I have some important news for anyone who uses the Bylines plugin, or PublishPress.

The goal of PublishPress is to help WordPress teams create great content.

Earlier this year, we made an acquisition that helps us meet that goal.

We acquired Bylines, a multi-author plugin for WordPress. Bylines allows you to assign multiple authors to a post and easily publish articles from guest authors.

What is changing with Bylines?

Before the acquisition we had already been developing a plugin called PublishPress Authors, which is similar to Bylines.

In the next couple of weeks, we're going merge PublishPress Authors and Bylines. Multiple Authors will get the guest author feature from Bylines. It will also benefit from a large number of tests to improve the code.

There will not be any more releases of Bylines after version 0.3.

If you are a Bylines user and want to get continued updates, please get in touch. Let us help you move your site over to using PublishPress Authors.

The image below shows PublishPress Authors in action on a site:

What's the future for PublishPress Authors?

The future is bright. The next release of PublishPress Authors will include all the features of Bylines.

After that release, we plan to keep improving PublishPress Authors and adding features.

PublishPress Authors already has several features that Bylines did not. For example, in addition to manually editing your template files, the PublishPress Authors plugin give you several different code-free options to display the author box:

  1. At the bottom of your content
  2. In a widget
  3. Via a shortcode

We hope to make PublishPress Authors into the default solution for anyone who wants to assign more than one author to a WordPress post.

Update: PublishPress Authors 2.0 is now live with the changes we promised.

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