Meet the New Faces of PublishPress

This week we released a new version of the main PublishPress plugin. You may notice three new faces smiling back at you from inside PublishPress.

This version of PublishPress introduces a new logo, with a new image and a new font:

PublishPress Logo

The new mascots are three loveable penguins. Why penguins? Because penguins exhibit the teamwork skills that we try to enable with PublishPress.

Oh, and because the “P” sound is really cool:

“PublishPress’ purple penguins provide professional publishing plugins”

The new font is PT Sans, used in bold.

The old PublishPress logo was much more bland. The logo was a series of circles with icons for a calendar, a lock, and a pencil. The font was plain. This older version was logical, but it was not fun or memorable.

You'll see the penguins inside the plugin, around this site and on our social media:

The penguins will pop up in a variety of different poses:

No matter when you see them, the three penguins will be hanging out together. For example, here's the new banner for the PublishPress Facebook account.

Hopefully the penguins will put a smile on your face the next time you log in to your site and use PublishPress.

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