Capability Manager Enhanced Has New Lockout Prevention Features

Update: this plugin is now called “PublishPress Capabilities”.

This month, we added Capability Manager Enhanced to the PublishPress suite. This was part of our acquisition of over a dozen plugins.

Capability Manager Enhanced is a super-popular plugin with over 70,000 active users. This plugin allows you to edit the user permissions on your WordPress site.

The Capability Manager Enhanced plugin for WordPress

The first PublishPress-branded releases of the plugin is now out (version 1.6) and here's an overview of the key changes.

First, we added a security feature that stops users from accidentally logging themselves out. This happened because some users removed the “read” permission. This permission has an innocuous sounding-name, but actually controls access to the whole WordPress admin dashboard.

Capability Manager Enhanced now prevents you from removing the read capability for any default WordPress role (Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber). It is still possible to remove the read permission from new roles.

If the read permission is missing from a default role, you will see a warning and be given a one-click link to fix the problem:

Moving on to WooCommerce, there's new support for the duplicate_products capability.

Finally, we added an extra “Save Changes” button at top of “Roles and Capabilities” screen.

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