The “Advanced Gutenberg” Plugin is Now “PublishPress Blocks”

In the middle of 2020, we acquired a plugin called “Advanced Gutenberg”.

It is a plugin that adds over 20 extra blocks to the Gutenberg interface, along with custom layouts, CSS styles, and permissions for blocks.

This week, we renamed the plugin to “PublishPress Blocks”. There's a couple of reasons for this change:

  1. Advanced Gutenberg” is a general name and also used by other plugins. We need something more unique.
  2. The “Blocks” name fits in nicely alongside our other plugins: Authors, Capabilities, Checklists, Permissions, and more.

Find out more about this change in our 2020 year in review.

Our plans for PublishPress Blocks

Until now, PublishPress has focused on the admin area of WordPress.

With PublishPress Blocks and a new PublishPress theme, we're also going to focus on the front-end. We'll keep improving PublishPress Blocks with a strong focus on publishers. So we'll add blocks that focus on content.

Our plans include blocks such as “Recent News”, “Most Popular News”, “Top Authors” and more. These blocks will have full support for our other plugins, particularly PublishPress Authors.

The blocks will also be closely integrated with a new PublishPress theme. The theme will be available before the end of 2020 and will also focus on the needs of publishers. It will be optimized for sites that publish a lot of content.

Theme Preview
Theme Preview


PublishPress users will soon be able to download everything they need for a powerful publishing setup:

  • Plugins to manage your publishing workflow in the WordPress admin.
  • Gutenberg blocks to make your content look great.
  • A theme that is designed for publishers and comes with excellent support for Gutenberg and the PublishPress plugins.

We really believe that Phase 3 of the Gutenberg project is going to bring awesome benefits for WordPress publishers. Phase 3 is due to start next year and may bring collaborative editing, dynamic comments on posts, and more.

Gutenberg fits in with our vision of making WordPress the best choice for publishers. For that reason, we're building the future of PublishPress around Gutenberg and the PublishPress Blocks plugin.

Thanks so much for using the PublishPress plugins. We'd love to hear your ideas for how to make WordPress publishing better.

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