PublishPress Blocks Pro Supports Google Fonts in Gutenberg

PublishPress Blocks is one of the most popular plugins for Gutenberg blocks with over 30,000 users.

In the latest release of PublishPress Blocks Pro, you'll find some really cool new design options, including these:

  • Google Fonts: You can choose from over 1,000 fonts to use in your blocks.
  • Content Display block: This block is the best way to showcase your content in WordPress, and there's now a ton of new customization options.

In this guide, I'll give you an introduction to all these major new features in PublishPress Blocks.

Google Fonts for Content Display, Sliders, and Buttons

Google Fonts are now available for the Content Display, Images Slider and Advanced Button blocks.

You can choose from over 1,400 available fonts to customize the post title, info, content and read more link. You can choose a different font for each element. Plus, you can also transform the text using capitalization, uppercase or lowercase.

This image below shows an example from an Advanced Button block. I've chosen a font called “Red Hat Text” that was designed for Red Hat's corporate identity.

Google Fonts Button
Google Fonts Button

In the next release of PublishPress Blocks, these font options will also be available for other blocks.

Some PublishPress users have mentioned that Google Fonts may not be allowed under Europe's GDPR laws. Don't worry: if you don't select a font, then nothing will be loaded and your site will remain legal under the GDPR rules.

Improvements to the Content Display Block

There are a wide range of improvements to the popular Content Display block.

First, you can change the width and height for the featured images on your posts. I would recommend choosing either a custom width or height in order to maintain the flexibility of your layouts.

PublishPress Blocks - Content Display

Second, you can now customize the design for your “Read more” links. There is a whole panel of options available, including Google Fonts, colors, borders, and much more.

PublishPress Blocks - Content Display

Finally, you can now change the order of items in your display. For example, you may want to display the image below the title. You can choose from several different orders:

  • Title, Image, Info, Text
  • Image, Title, Text, Info
  • Title, Image, Text, Info
  • Title, Info, Text, Image
  • Title, Text, Info, Image
  • Title, Text, Image, Info
PublishPress Blocks - Content Display
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