All 1,000 PublishPress Customers Can Get a Free Penguin

PublishPress launched in January 2018. Today we're pleased to share the news that we've just reached a big milestone: 1,000 active customers!

We decided to celebrate by donating some money to the Philadelphia Zoo and asking their penguins to say “thanks” to everyone:

Seriously, we owe a big “Thanks” to all of you who use PublishPress.

Getting to 1,000 customers isn't easy. Unless you're a huge, viral sensation, it often takes software companies about 3 years to reach 1,000 customers. I found some examples of that in the WordPress world:

PublishPress launched in 2017 so it's also taken us 3 years.

Getting to this 1,000 customer mark helps us move towards our goal of making world-class publishing plugins for WordPress. It also enables us to support causes that we care about.

One thing we've been doing recently is sending gifts to people who have helped us. For example, we've been sending cuddly penguin toys from Oceana.

Joe Tweet
Joe Tweet

Oceana's mission is to protect and restore the oceans on a global scale. They have very high ratings for their performance and transparency. For every penguin toy we donate, Oceana gets $40.


So to mark this 1,000 customer milestone, we're going to send gifts like this to any PublishPress customer who asks.

If you're an active PublishPress user, here's what to do …

Update: we've closed the offer for now. We're adopting penguins for people in 27 US states, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

We'll do our very best to get you a penguin, and donate to a good cause in your name.

Oceana does only ship to the United States, but we've identified some other similar, great conservation resources in Australia, South Africa and the Falklands / United Kingdom. If we can't ship you a penguin, we'll adopt one in your name.


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  1. Oceana is a highly respectable organization which I’m pleased to see PublishPress supporting. Huge thank you for your awesome support and willingness to further extend fantastic plugins. Been seeing a lot of exciting changes over the last year. Also appreciate the gift of Waddles the winter warrior.

  2. I want to be an early “adopter,” too!
    I just submitted a ticket, but it’s not showing up in the My Support Tickets list. I sent it twice, so I apologize if you received a duplicate.
    Thank you!

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