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WordPress is Part of the Renaissance in Local News

News Renaissance

We all know that local newspapers are in trouble. At least 25% of US papers have closed in the last 15 years. But there are also positive signs: if you look carefully, we're seeing many fresh, independent media projects.

These new projects are innovative, diverse, making money and overwhelmingly using WordPress. That last point really hit home when I was reading this article in the Los Angeles Times. All the newsrooms in the article are using WordPress. And so are all the organizations helping them grow.

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PublishPress 2020: The Year Everything Doubled

Publishpress 2020

Phew! 2020 is over. That was intense.

2020 was a difficult personal year for many of our team, with family members passing away, losing jobs, and enduring hard times.

Fortunately, the PublishPress business was a bright spot this year. Our team (Anderson, Kevin, Valentin, and myself) rallied together. And our customers were great – I feel like I should be adding many of your names here also.

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Canada’s New Journalism Runs on WordPress


We often hear about old newspaper companies that are struggling. But there's a good chance that 2020 was a turning point for successful new journalists. If you look carefully, we're seeing many fresh, independent media projects.

The business model for these new projects is different. They are ditching corporate ownership in favor of a model that’s innovative, diverse, making money and overwhelmingly using WordPress.

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People, Entertainment Weekly, Martha Stewart all Use WordPress and Gutenberg


Meredith Corporation is a huge media group that owns magazines, television stations, websites, and radio stations.

You have almost certainly heard of many of their brands including People, Entertainment Weekly, Travel and Leisure, and Martha Stewart Living. They recently finished migrating millions of articles and images into a company-wide CMS based in WordPress. The company now runs over 25 sites on the platform and they all use Gutenberg.

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The Knight Foundation is Paying 24 Newsrooms to Upgrade Their Websites. 20 Choose WordPress.

Choose Wordpress

The Knight Foundation is a charitable organization with deep roots in the news world. The foundation was started by two brothers, James and John Knight. They were part of Knight-Ridder, which was one of the largest newspaper chains in the US.

The Knight Foundation now invests heavily in supporting journalism. They've just awarded grants worth $2 million to 24 newspapers. The goal is to help with “the adoption or management of a digital publishing system … with the aim of increasing revenue, membership and audience engagement.”

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Our Early Review of the Newspack Project from Automattic

Here at PublishPress, we’re very focused on the publishing experience in WordPress.

In recent weeks, there's been very interesting news for WordPress publishers with the launch of Newspack.

Newspack is a project from Automattic (the owners of WordPress.com, but not WordPress.org) that aims to help small newspapers run their sites on WordPress.

Here's the official description of Newspack:

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