Meta boxes

Hide the PublishPress Permissions Metabox For A User Role

The PublishPress Permissions plugin allows you to customize who can read and edit individual items in WordPress. You can control user access using a metabox. This metabox can control access to Posts, Pages, Categories, Media and more. Click here for more details on this feature. We had a question this week from a user who…

PublishPress Capabilities Can Hide Metaboxes, and Any Editor Feature

Back in June, we released “Editor Features” in the PublishPress Capabilities plugin. This allowed you to hide almost any feature on the post editing screen. Why do I say “almost”? Because the first release of Editor Features could not hide metaboxes. I’m happy to say that you can now use PublishPress Capabilities to hide metaboxes….

How to Hide WordPress Metaboxes in the Post Editor

A WordPress website always starts by looking very clean. But after you choose a theme and install a lot of plugins, the user interface quickly becomes very crowded. In other guides, we’ve shown you how to hide WordPress admin menus, hide the admin toolbar, and hide dashboard widgets. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to…