PublishPress: WordPress for Teams

The slogan of PublishPress is “WordPress for Teams”. PublishPress is the essential plugin for any WordPress site with multiple team members.

Content Calendar

PublishPress provides you with a powerful editorial calendar.

Using the PublishPress Calendar, you’re able to see when content is planned, and when it was published.

You can create content directly on the calendar. You can also drag-and-drop content to a new publication date:

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Notification Workflows

Using the PublishPress notification system, you can notify your team when new content is updated or added into your site.

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Content Overview

The Content Overview screen allows you to drill down and see content organized by status, categories, or users.

In the top-right corner is a Print button. You can click this to get a printable overview of all your planned content.

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Custom Statuses

PublishPress enables you to create custom post statuses such as “In Progress” or “Pending Review”. You can define statuses to match the stages of your team’s publishing workflow.can create content and move it around on the publishing calendar.

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Editorial Comments

PublishPress allows you to leave comments under each post you write. This is a private conversation between writers and editors and allows you to discuss what needs to be changed before publication.

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User Groups

For larger organizations with many people involved in the publishing process, user groups help keep your workflow organized and informed.

Currently, the most important user of user groups is Email Notifications, but we intend to expand the capabilities of user groups in future PublishPress releases.

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Need more features? Get the add-ons

Content Checklist

This is a pre-publishing checklist that allows WordPress teams to specify tasks that must be completed before posts and pages are published.

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Slack Integration

This add-on integrates PublishPress with Slack, so you can get comment and status change notifications directly inside Slack.

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This add-on allows you to control which users can complete certain tasks, such as publishing content and editing metadata.

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WooCommerce Checklist

This is a pre-publishing checklist that allows WordPress teams to specify tasks that must be completed before products are published.

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Multiple Authors

This add-on allows you to assign multiple authors to one content item, and easily display their information.

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