These posts feature news and interviews about the environmental impact of WordPress and the web technology we use.

Environmental Talks for WordPress Developers and Designers

There is a small, but growing, number of WordPress developers who are interested in environmental issues. WordPress now runs an incredible 40% of all websites. The work that we do has an impact. If WordPress sites consume large amounts of energy, then that has knock-on effects for the whole web. I’ve searched for some of…

Tom Greenwood on Building Sustainable WordPress Sites and Businesses

Tom Greenwood has had a deep and lasting impact on how I think about web design. Tom runs Wholegrain Digital, a WordPress agency in London. Wholegrain’s clients include Oxfam, Unicef, Rightmove, and some major UK non-profits. Wholegrain run their business as a force for good and their values and goals are inspiring.

An Interview With Zack Katz About Values-Driven WordPress Businesses

Zack Katz from GravityView is someone I’ve admired for a long time. His team have run some of the coolest initiatives I’ve seen. At the end of last year, they gave $5 from each sale to charities and then they quadrupled those donations from their own pocket. They plant trees with Ecologi to offset their…

An Interview With Hannah Smith about the Environmental Impact of WordPress

Welcome to the first of a new series about the environmental impact of the technology we use. Why should you or I care about this topic? Good question. Personally, I’ve been online 40+ hours per week for 15 years now. I’ve spun up hundreds of servers and served millions of visitors. Does any of that…