The Watchful Platform Has Support for PublishPress Updates

Here at PublishPress, our team maintains over 30 sites, spread across multiple projects. It's a huge pain to maintain, back up and update all those sites. We use Watchful to make this process easier. Watchful is one single dashboard for all your WordPress sites.

We've been working with Watchful to add support for commercial plugins like PublishPress. Watchful can currently find updates for commercial plugins, but then the license keys block it from actually running the updates. With this new feature, you can add your PublishPress license key to Watchful and run updates.

Here's an overview of how the update process works …

The Commercial Plugin Updater

Log in to the Watchful dashboard and click “Settings”. You can see a “WordPress License Keys” area:

You can add your PublishPress license key to your Watchful dashboard:

Watchful will automatically detect new versions of PublishPress plugins:

And if your license key is correct, Watchful will run the updates for you: “The update went fine!”

PublishPress is the first plugin developer supported by Watchful, but there are more on the way. In a few months, you'll be able update all your WordPress plugins and themes from Watchful. Check them out at

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