PublishPress Checklists Now Allows Some Users to Skip Required Tasks

When you use PublishPress Checklists, you set requirements that writers must complete before their content is published.

Here are are some examples of those requirements:

Version 2.1.0 of PublishPress Checklists is available now. It has some key improvements, inspired by customer feedback. The major new feature is that requirements can be enforced only for some user roles.

Allow some users to skip tasks

The Checklists plugin now allows you to choose permissions for requirements.

You can allow some user roles to skip the requirements. For example, you can require Authors to write at least 600 words, but also allow Administrators to publish posts with fewer words.

In the Settings, you'll see a “Who can ignore the task?” column:

Ignore Task
Ignore Task

A new requirement for URLs

There's now a new task available: “Latin characters in permalink”. This setting requires users to create permalinks only with these characters:

  • A to Z
  • 0 to 9
  • – or _

This feature is particularly useful if you have multilingual site and find that odd characters are inserted into your post URLs.

Urls Task
Urls Task

Usability improvements

This release also has some usability improvements.

If all the required tasks are not complete, you'll see a warning sign on the “Pubish” button. This makes it easy to see that the post is not ready to publish.

Publish Button Checklists
Publish Button Checklists

If you do click the “Publish” button without completing all the tasks, you'll now see this message …

“Please complete the following tasks before publishing:”

Pre Publlish Panel
Pre Publlish Panel

Give PublishPress Checklists a try

You can get the Free version of PublishPress Checklists from

The Pro version has support for WooCommerce products and is available to all PublishPress members.

Join PublishPress today and you'll get powerful publishing and permissions plugins to improve your WordPress site.

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  1. Yet another lovely milestone for PublishPress. Being able to exclude specific people from needing to accomplish specific tasks is indeed handy. Letting users know before publishing is my favorite addition in this release. Users get annoyed when their submissions fail even when their draft is unharmed, hence making for a great UX improvement.

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