PressPermit Pro is Live Here at PublishPress

This week, we finished moving the PressPermit plugin over to This is the final stage of our acquisition of several plugins from

If you've never used PressPermit before, here's what you need to know: it's the most flexible and advanced permissions plugin for WordPress.

If you've used PressPermit before, there's one key thing to know: we've simplified how PressPermit works.

Previously, there was a single “PressPermit Core” plugin and then over a dozen different extensions. Now all the extensions have been combined into one package called “PublishPress Permissions Pro“.

How Do I Get a New License Key?

If you're an existing PressPermit user, contact us and we'll help move your license over here to

How Do I Upgrade?

If you are a PressPermit user, here’s how to update to the new Permissions Pro.

Are More Changes Coming for PressPermit?

Yes, this is just the beginning.

PressPermit Pro already has enough permissions features to meet the needs of advanced WordPress users.

However, it could be easier to use. Our focus will be on helping you use all the really cool features:

  • We'll improve the user interface.
  • We'll create better documentation and videos.
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