Google Retires The Official AdSense for WordPress Plugin

Google recently announced that it will discontinue the official “AdSense for WordPress” plugin.

In the announcement, the Google stated that will focus on “innovative features like our automatic ad formats and other upcoming initiatives.”

What does that mean? Well, Google is now going to be recommending a solution called “Quickstart” for WordPress users.
Here are the key dates for the plugin's retirement:

  • Early March 2017: New publishers will not be able to sign up for AdSense by using the plugin.
  • Early April 2017: Existing publishers will not be able to change their ad settings or ad units through the plugin.
  • Early May 2017: Google will no longer provide support for the plugin.

How Can You Insert AdSense Blocks Now?

First, deactivate Google's official “AdSense plugin for WordPress”, then insert your AdSense blocks as text widgets.

  1. Visit your “My Adds” page at
  2. Create new ad unit(s).
  3. Copy-paste the code into your WordPress site inside a new text widget.

QuickStart as Alternative to Implementing AdSense

Besides pasting AdSense code of Ad Units into your WordPress text widget, there is another recommended way to implement Google AdSense ads. This alternate method is called “QuickStart”.

The old-fashioned method was to manually place Google AdSense Ad Units on your page.

With “QuickStart” you just need to place a single code snippet after the <head> tag on your site. Then you turn on  “QuickStart” in your AdSense account and Google will start displaying its AdSense ads for you automatically.

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  1. It really sad that Google discontinues the official Adsense plugin. It was really helpful to the publishers to show ads on their website easily. There are some plugins for Adsense but one can not rely on it without testing it. So it’s difficult to publishers to show Ads.

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