What Post Details Are Stored in WordPress Revisions?

Post Revisions

We develop the PublishPress Revisions plugin that allows you to submit, moderate, approve, and schedule revisions.

This plugin is built on top of the core revisions feature in WordPress.

Our Revisions Pro plugin is able to capture all of the data that has changed in your WordPress posts. However, that is not true of the normal revisions feature.

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Which USA States Have WordPress Websites?

Us States

Here at PublishPress, we’re very focused on the publishing experience in WordPress. We love to see large organizations use WordPress to publish their content.

Across the USA, state governments are among the largest and most high-profile organizations. So I decided to find out which states rely on WordPress to publish their most important updates.

I analyzed the main government sites for all 50 states and found that some of the biggest and most famous states use WordPress.

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Featured WordPress Publisher: Branch


Welcome to another post in our series that features innovative WordPress publishers.

Branch is a fascinating new publication that uses WordPress and is backed by Mozilla. Branch is an online magazine whose focus is making sure our technology helps build a sustainable world.

Their tech team has also done some fascinating work with their WordPress site. They are really pushing the boundaries when it comes to how “green” WordPress can be.

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Your Guide to the Autosave Feature for WordPress Posts


If you write blog posts in your browser, you have probably had the gut-wrenching experience of losing content.

Maybe your browser crashed. Perhaps your internet connection dropped.

But when you went back to your post, your content was missing. Ouch!

Fortunately, autosaves are a WordPress feature that can help you avoid losing your content.

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People, Entertainment Weekly, Martha Stewart all Use WordPress and Gutenberg


Meredith Corporation is a huge media group that owns magazines, television stations, websites, and radio stations.

You have almost certainly heard of many of their brands including People, Entertainment Weekly, Travel and Leisure, and Martha Stewart Living. They recently finished migrating millions of articles and images into a company-wide CMS based in WordPress. The company now runs over 25 sites on the platform and they all use Gutenberg.

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Featured WordPress Publisher: Defector

Defector Logo

Welcome to another post in our series that features exciting WordPress publishers. We're not always looking for household brand names. We're also searching for publishers who are building new, brave and innovative platforms.

This week's WordPress site is a new site with a long history. Defector.com is a sports and media blog that is owned and operated by the former staff of Deadspin.com.

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What is the Best Plugin to Track WordPress Revisions?

Change Wordpress 1

We develop a plugin called PublishPress Revisions that allows you to submit, approve and schedule changes to your WordPress content.

However, PublishPress Revisions doesn't (yet) keep an easily visible log of all your content changes. This week, someone emailed us and wanted to know if this was possible using another plugin.

I decided to install and test seven plugins that can track content changes.

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