Hey, We’re PublishPress

We're a US-based company, but our team works remotely from several locations. Here's an introduction to our key team members:

Our founder, Steve Burge, is from the U.K. and is now based in Sarasota, Florida. He has been working in open source since 2003.

Anderson Martins lives in Maringá, Brazil. Anderson is a developer and he is the brains behind many of the best and most useful PublishPress features.

Kevin Behrens is from Michigan, USA. He developed the Permissions, Revisions, and Capabilities plugins. Kevin is a walking encyclopedia on every aspect of WordPress permissions.


Olawale Adesina is a coder who lives in Ilorin, Nigeria. He has been working with PHP for nearly a decade, and has developed for WordPress since 2015.


Valentin Garcia is from Jalisco, Mexico. He is the lead designer at PublishPress. He built this website and is working to improve the PublishPress Blocks plugin.


Paul is a developer from Ilorin, Nigeria. He is works on PublishPress Authors and also our sister project at TaxoPress. He loves working in WordPress, and also building mobile apps with Flutter.

Our goal at PublishPress

Our goal is to help WordPress publishers succeed.

If you care about the quality of your content, then WordPress and PublishPress is the platform for you. We give you the tools to publish content using a workflow that meets your needs.

Why Penguins?

Yes, everywhere you see PublishPress, you will also see our 3 penguin friends.

Penguins exhibit the teamwork skills that we value highly.

Penguins work in teams. They live in cold environments, and conditions are tough, particularly in the winter. Penguins huddle close together, and take turns fighting the elements. Penguins exhibit the teamwork skills that we encourage with PublishPress.

Oh, and because the “P” sound is really cool:

PublishPress’ purple penguins provide professional publishing plugins