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What Plugins are Available at PublishPress?

We have 6 plugins here at PublishPress.

Each plugin has a Free and Pro version:

  • Every Free version is on
  • Every Pro version is behind a paywall for PublishPress members.

This image shows those six plugins:

Here's a quick overview of those six plugins:

  1. PublishPress: Plan and schedule your content using calendar and notifications.
  2. PublishPress Capabilities: Modify the default permissions in the WordPress core and other plugins.
  3. PublishPress Permissions: Advanced permissions way beyond what's possible with the WordPress core.
  4. PublishPress Revisions: Submit and moderate WordPress revisions.
  5. PublishPress Authors: Add as many authors as you want to any WordPress content.
  6. PublishPress Checklists: Set requirements before content is published on your site.

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