Troubleshooting Email Notifications for Revisions

Sometimes PublishPress Revisions users report that they are not receiving email notifications.

If you’re having a problem with notifications, we recommend that you install the Email Log plugin. This plugin will keep a record of all the emails sent from your WordPress site, including any from PublishPress Revisions.

Email Log will tell you if PublishPress Revisions emails are being sent correctly:

  • If PublishPress Revisions emails are being sent, you have an email delivery problem. Check your spam filters or email firewalls.
  • If PublishPress Revisions emails are not being sent, you may have a bug. Contact our support team.

Emails going out at the wrong time?

Please make sure that your site’s timezone is correct so you get emails when expected.

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Check the “Timezone” is set correctly.

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