Series Meta Template

The series meta is an information strip that shows on single posts. This a quick overview of what part the post is, a total count of the posts in the series, and the name of the series the post belongs to. You can see the series meta in this image below:

Series Meta 1
Series Meta 1

Here's what the template looks like:

Series Meta
Series Meta

The series-meta appears wherever the post that is a part of a series is displayed and the location of the output is controlled once again by the %postcontent% token. If you want to manually insert the series-meta template into your theme then you need to remove the %postcontent% token AND make sure the “Display series meta information with posts?” checkbox is unchecked.

Showing the Series Meta with PHP

Here's the function you use to call the series-meta template. remember that full documentation is found in the orgSeries-template-tags.php file:


To use this in your theme make sure you echo it. For example:

<?php echo wp_seriesmeta_write(); ?>)

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