How to Create Revisions With the Revisionary Plugin

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The Revisionary plugin is part of the PublishPress suite of tools. We support and update Revisionary.

Revisionary enables users to submit changes to published posts or pages. These changes, if approved by another user, can be published immediately or scheduled for future publication.

Revisionary is available for you to download from

Video Guide to Revisionary

Create a New Revision

The first and most important thing to realize is that Revisionary only works on content in the “Published” status.

You can find these posts this way:

  • Go to “Posts”, then “All Posts” in your WordPress admin area.
  • Click the “Published” tab.

By default in Revisionary, only Editors and Administrators are able to publish revisions. Everyone else will see a “Submit Revision” button, as in the image below. Click here to learn more about Revisionary permissions.

If you are an Administrator or Editor, you can schedule the revision to be published later. You do this using the core “Publish” date option in Gutenberg. The button in the top-right corner will change to say “Schedule Revision”.

Your saved revisions can be found under the “Pending” tab on the “Posts” screen. They will be marked as “Pending”, as in the image below.

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