Understanding Permissions in PublishPress Revisions

The PublishPress Revisions plugin automatically provides revision permissions for the default WordPress users roles:

  • Users in the “Subscriber” role are not able to submit revisions. 
  • Users in the “Contributor” role can submit revisions to their own published posts, but they will not be able to publish them.
  • Users in the “Author” role can publish their own revisions immediately.
  • Users in the “Editor” and “Administrator” roles are able to publish revisions for any post. These users are also ideally placed to act as moderators for revisions submitted by other users. They can get email notifications for new revisions.

However, PublishPress Revisions does add one new role called “Revisor”. 

About the Revisor role

The “Revisor” role is almost identical to the “Editor” role, except when a Revisor edits a published post, those changes are held for moderation. In contrast, users in the “Editor” role can publish their changes without moderation. Click here to see what an Editor can do.

When a Revisor logs into WordPress and edits a post, all they will see is the “Submit Revision” button, as in the image below:

When the Revisor clicks this button, they’ll see this message: “Your modification has been saved for editorial review.”

The Revisor can keep on submitting new revisions but they will never be able to publish them. They will have to wait for a higher level user to login and publish the revision.

More specifics on PublishPress Revisions permissions

The Revisor role in PublishPress Revisions is provided to make it easy for you. However, PublishPress Revisions does provide for more flexible solutions. PublishPress Revisions relies on two key permissions in WordPress:

  • edit_published_pages
  • edit_published_posts

Although the names of those permissions refer to “edit”, they actually control publishing permissions. These permissions can be edited using Capability Manager Enhanced.

After installing Capability Manager Enhanced, here’s what to do:

  • Go to Users > Capabilities.
  • In the right sidebar, choose the role you want to edit.
  • Look in the center of the screen for the “Edit published” column. With Revisionary active, these checkboxes allow you to control who can publish revisions. This is an enhancement of default WordPress behavior, which blocks users without these capabilities from editing published content at all.

If you use Press Permit Pro, it is also possible to customize revisions on a per-post, per-category or per-tag basis. You will able to customize permissions using the “Revision Exceptions” box under each post, page, category or tag.

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