How to Install and Configure the Slack Add-on

Here’s how to install the PublishPress Slack add-on:

  • Download the Slack add-on from this site.
  • In your WordPress site, click the “Plugins” link.
  • Click the “Upload Plugin” button.
  • Click “Choose File” and select add-on files.
  • Click “Install Now” and then “Activate Plugin”.
  • Click the “PublishPress” link.
  • After the menu loads, click on the “Slack” tab.

Now we need to fill in three different options:

  1. Service URL.
  2. Username.
  3. Channel.

Step #1. Enter the Service URL

This URL is used to hook to the Slack API to send messages. The URL follows this pattern:<hash-path>

You can generate a new URL following the steps:

  1. Log in on
  2. Access the page:
  3. Click on “Choose a channel…” and select an existent channel. You can create a new one if you want.
  4. Click on “Add Incoming WebHooks Integration”.
  5. Copy the new WebHook URL.
  6. Go back to the Slack add-on tab and paste the URL:

Step #2. Enter Username

You can choose anything you want for this option. This is the username displayed in the notification.

Step #3. Enter Channel

This is the Slack channel that notifications will be sent to. You should use an existing channel or username.

  • For channels, use the prefix #
  • For usernames, use the prefix @

Selecting Post Types for Notifications

In the “General” tab of PublishPress settings, you can choose which post types have notifications enabled:

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