Hooks and Filters for the PublishPress Calendar

Using WordPress’ hooks and filters, you can extend the PublishPress calendar in the following ways:

  • pp_view_calendar_cap (filter) – Modify the capability or role required to view the calendar. By default, administrators, editors, authors and contributors can view the calendar. On install, PublishPress adds a capability of ‘pp_view_calendar’ to these roles.
  • pp_calendar_allow_ajax_to_set_timestamp (filter) – Whether or not dragging an unpublished post to a new date changes the publication timestamp for the post. This is off by default. You can enable it by placing the following in your theme’s functions.php file:
    add_filter( 'pp_calendar_allow_ajax_to_set_timestamp', '__return_true');
  • pp_calendar_total_weeks (filter) – Number of weeks to show on the calendar. This will override the user’s screen options setting and lock the calendar to a specific range.
  • pp_calendar_weekend_days (filter) – Which days of the week are considered the weekend for the calendar. By default, this is Saturday and Sunday.
  • pp_calendar_item_information_fields (filter) – Post details to be presented in the overlay that appears when you click on the post title. You can unset default fields, or include your own.
  • pp_show_scheduled_as_unpublished (filter) – Include scheduled posts when filtering the calendar to display unpublished content. This is off by default.

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