Stop WordPress Users from Seeing Posts From Other Authors

One PublishPress user came to us with this question:

“I want authors to log in to the WordPress admin area and only see their posts. I don’t want them to see the posts from other authors. Is this possible?”

Yes, this is possible. You can do it by installing the PressPermit plugin.

PressPermit is part of the PublishPress plugin suite and is supported by our team here. You can download PressPermit from

It’s as simple as installing PressPermit. By default, this plugin will hide all the Posts from other users. When users in the “Author” role go to “Posts” screen they will now only see their posts.

To configure this option, go to Permissions > Settings and then click the “Core” tab. There is setting called “Hide non-editable posts”.

What this means is that users won’t be able to see any posts that they can’t edit.

Users in the “Author” role can only edit their own posts, so they will only see their own posts.

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