Overview For All The Series

There are four different displays that your visitors may see in PublishPress Series. Click here to see details of all four displays.

In this guide, we'll introduce the display that lists all the Series you have created on your site. It is called the ‚ÄúSeries Table of Contents”. In the image below, you can see an example that is displaying two Series and a pagination box that allows you to access more Series.

Series Toc 2
Series Toc 2

Settings for the Overview of All Series

Go to Series > Display in your WordPress admin area and you'll be able to change the settings for the Table of Content display. There can be only one of these URLs on your site.

Toc Settings
Toc Settings

Customizing the Display for the Overview of All Series

If you want to get into the code and customize with the display of the Series Table of Contents, click here to read this guide.

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