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Contact Form Block

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The Contact Form Block allows you to get create a form and take messages from customers. You can customize every aspect of the form including the fields, text, colors, styling and spam protection. You can also view and export all entries from your forms.

How to create the Contact Form block

You can create that form by clicking on Contact Form button in the Advanced Gutenberg category.

Settings for the Contact Form block

Some key settings for the Contact Form block are also available in the Email & Form area.

You can edit some settings of the Contact Form in the right sidebar.

  • Notice: If you have not enabled reCAPTCHA option in the c, you will see this message:
  • Email sender: You can change this in the Email & Form area. By default, an email will be sent to the site admin email whenever a contact form is submitted.
  • Text Label:
    • Name input placeholder
    • Email input placeholder
    • Message input placeholder
    • Submit text
    • Empty field warning text
    • Submit success text

Styling for the Contact Form block

  • Input Color: 
    • Background color
    • Text color
  • Border Settings: 
    • Border Color
    • Border Style
    • Border radius
  • Submit Button Settings:
    • Color Settings: 
      • Border and Text
      • Background
    • Button border radius
    • Button position: Left, Center and Right

Default settings for all your Contact Form blocks

You can set default options for every Contact Form block added to your site. This is possible with the Default Blocks Config feature and it allows you to create a consistent look-and-feel for all your contact forms.

  • Go to Adv. Gutenberg in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Click Configuration, then Default Blocks Config.
  • Click Contact Form.

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