Display Settings

In this guide, we're looking at the “Display” settings for the PublishPress Series plugin.

The settings at the top of the screen control the display of series on single posts:

  • Display series post list box? This shows a list of all the posts in the series.
  • Display series navigation links? This shows Previous and Next links so users can navigate to more the posts in the series.
  • Display series meta information with posts: Series Meta refers to the series related information that shows up with the posts that belong to a series wherever they are displayed. What is actually included in the series meta strip depends on what you've indicated in the “Series Meta Template” in the “Templates” settings. By default the series meta includes what part the post is in the series, the total posts in the series and the series title linked to the series archive page.
  • Use custom .css? PublishPress Series comes with it's own .css options. You can uncheck this option and include all your series related .css in the “styles.css” file in your theme directory.
Single Posts
Single Posts

The settings lower down the screen control the display of series on the “Table of Contents” page which lists all your series.

Series Toc 1
Series Toc 1

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