How to Add Custom Fields to Multiple Authors

It is possible to expand the Author profiles for the Multiple Authors add-on.

We recommend using any plugin which allows creating custom fields for taxonomies. We recommend using this approach because, technically speaking, PublishPress creates authors as terms of the taxonomy called “author”.

Plugins that can do this include:

The value of that field can be added to the output of the author box using the filter: pp_multiple_authors_filter_author_box_markup.

That filter allows you to modify or replace the HTML with a custom markup. It sends 3 parameters:

  • $html: string This is the default markup
  • $authors_iterator This is an instance of the class PublishPress\Addon\Multiple_authors\Classes\Authors_Iterator
  • $target: string This is the target of the author box (the_content, widget, shortcode, action)

For more on this, read our documentation on customizing the Multiple Authors display.

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