Johannes Benz from Raidboxes on WordPress Hosting That’s Positive for the Environment and Society


Johannes is the Managing Director of Raidboxes, a fast-growing WordPress hosting company based in Germany. He's also one of the most interesting people I've met in WordPress.

I first heard of Raidboxes when they were giving out trees to Wordcamp attendees! Johannes and his team think differently.

Raidboxes is growing fast, doubling every year and adding nearly 1,000 customers per month. But Johannes believes that businesses should not focus only on profits, but also on being actively positive for society.

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How Automattic is Tackling Carbon Emissions, with Yanir Seroussi


Yanir Seroussi is a data scientist for Automattic and lives in Brisbane, Australia.

It can be hard to remember with all the craziness of 2020, but the year started with epic bushfires in Australia. It was the worst fire season on record with more than 15,000 different fires and nearly three billion animals killed or displaced. Those fires were widely blamed on climate change.

Yanir was motivated to start working to combat climate change. Automattic has servers in many data centers around the world, operated by different providers. Yanir wanted to know if it was possible to reduce or eliminate the carbon emissions from all those servers. The answer was “yes!”

Yanir wrote about how Automattic became carbon neutral, and in this interview we find out more of the story.

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Being a Developer and Planting 1,000’s of Trees with Phil Sturgeon


Phil Sturgeon is a renowned API and PHP developer. He's now starting a charity called Protect Earth to plant trees across the UK.

In this interview, I talk with Phil about his environmental work, and cycling around the world to fundraise for the project. How does he manage to launch a hugely ambitious new project and hold down a high-level day job?

We discuss small steps all of us can take to create a more sustainable world, even if we're running a million miles an hour with our businesses and development work.

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Tim Frick on Building Better WordPress Businesses With B Corps

Tim Frick

When I asked around in the WordPress community about environmental issues, everyone had the same response: “You should talk with Tim Frick.”

Tim is based in Chicago and runs the Mightybytes agency. He is passionate about helping organizations create a more positive impact on the world. We recently posted a collection of environmental talks and Tim got a lot of shout-outs.

In this interview, I chat with Tim about Benefit Corporations (B Corps). Tim explains how his desire to create a positive influence has led him to use WordPress and support environmental issues.

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An Interview With Zack Katz About Values-Driven WordPress Businesses

Zack Katz

Zack Katz from GravityView is someone I've admired for a long time. His team have run some of the coolest initiatives I've seen.

At the end of last year, they gave $5 from each sale to charities and then they quadrupled those donations from their own pocket. They plant trees with Ecologi to offset their carbon emissions. And they've given out diversity grants to help people with extra challenges attend major conferences.

The GravityView team also have fun while doing good. Check out this music video they created for the WordPress community while everyone was in lockdown:

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An Interview With Hannah Smith about the Environmental Impact of WordPress

Hannah Smith

Welcome to the first of a new series about the environmental impact of the technology we use.

Why should you or I care about this topic?

Good question.

Personally, I've been online 40+ hours per week for 15 years now. I've spun up hundreds of servers and served millions of visitors.

Does any of that have an impact on the world around me?

I really hope not.

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An Interview About Newspack With Steve Beatty from Automattic

Steve Beatty

Here at PublishPress, we’re very focused on the publishing experience in WordPress.

In recent weeks, there’s been very interesting news for WordPress publishers with the launch of Newspack. This is a project from Automattic (the owners of, but not that aims to help small newspapers run their sites on WordPress.

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An Interview with Tag1 on Google Docs-style editing in Gutenberg with the YJS framework


Here at PublishPress, we’re focused on the publishing experience in WordPress.

And lately we've been learning about new publishing features that may be coming to WordPress.

The WordPress team want to bring Google Docs-style editing to the new Gutenberg editor. This means that multiple people can be updating the same document at the same time.

I wrote a detailed post on that goal and concluded that it looks like a really tough problem.

Collaborative editing is easy for Google because they have almost complete control over the servers. However, a WordPress solution must work everywhere, including on cheap, shared hosting.

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