How to Create a Teaser for Private Content in WordPress

Quite a few PublishPress users have mixed content on their WordPress site. Some of the content is publicly visible and some of the content is only for logged-in users.

One user asked us if it’s possible to have mixed content together in one post. They wanted to have a public teaser followed by private content.

This is possible with the PressPermit Pro plugin.

  • After installing PressPermit Pro, go to Permissions > Settings > Teaser.
  • Check the “Enable teaser” box in the “Hidden Content Teaser” area.
  • You can choose from different teaser options. In this example, I’m going to choose “excerpt or pre-more as teaser”.
  • Save your PressPermit Pro settings.
  • Go to create a new post.
  • In the example below, I’ve added a “More” block. The public content comes before the block and the private content comes afterwards:

Underneath the post, there is a “Reading Exceptions” area. You can choose to block different roles, groups or users from accessing the content. In the image below, I’ve chosen to block Anonymous users.

  • Save your post.
  • Log out or open a new browser where you are not logged in.
  • Visit your front of your site and access the post you just created. You will only be able to see the teaser text:

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