Content Display is the Best Block to Showcase Your WordPress Content

Content Display

The PublishPress Blocks plugin just got a big upgrade!

This plugin now features the best content block in WordPress.

If you think that's hyperbole, you should give it a try. PublishPress Blocks is free on

The block I'm talking about is called “Content Display“. This block allows you to show posts, pages and other content types in many beautiful layouts.

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The Table Block and the Advanced Table Block

Advanced Tables

One of the things I love about WordPress is that the project has a clearly-stated philosophy. One of the principles is to design for 80% of users and leave plugins to fill in the more advanced features.

This is happening with the Gutenberg block editor. Many developers are adding extra features on top of the default blocks.

Inside the PublishPress Blocks plugin, the Advanced Table block is based on the default Table block in Gutenberg.

The Gutenberg team have done the hard work. We're standing on their shoulders.

If you want to show data inside tables in WordPress, both of these blocks are a great choice.

The Advanced Table Block has functionality that the extra 20% of WordPress users may find helpful. If you are a WordPress power user, you'll want to check out these features, including colors, border settings, cell merging, padding, and text alignment.

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How to Add Your Own GIFs in Gutenberg

Gifs Gutenberg

Earlier this week, I was writing a post with the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress.

I wanted to add several GIFS to the post. However, it was a really frustrating process.

First, there is no “GIF” block in Gutenberg, so that wasn't an option.

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How to Add iFrames in Gutenberg Blocks


iFrames are a feature of the web that can be very useful and also very frustrating.

WordPress is a good example of this. On one hand, WordPress uses iFrames as a key part of the Customizer. On the other hand, WordPress often blocks iFrames as a security threat.

In this guide, I'll show you how to add iFrames to posts made with the Gutenberg editor.

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How to Show Content in an Accordion with the Gutenberg Editor


An accordion layout allows you to pĺace large quantities of text on a reduced space.

Your site's visitors can get overwhelmed when presented with too much text to read at once. If you use an accordion layout, your visitors can scan and look for the information they need. An accordion is perfect for Frequently Asked Questions, or show specific details in a product you're selling.

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