How to Limit the Excerpt Length In WordPress Posts

Limit Excerpt

This question came across the PublishPress support desk this week:

Do you know how to set a maximum character length on the excerpt field? I need to be the point of entry, rather than when displaying it on the frontend. I want to force the user to write an excerpt of a certain length.

Yes, this is possible with the PublishPress Checklists plugin. If you need more details, check out our beginners guide to excerpts.

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PublishPress Checklists 2.4 Has New Approval and Link Features

Approval 24

PublishPress Checklists is a plugin that we've been working on throughout 2020. With this plugin, you can define tasks that users must complete before content is published.

For example, you can make sure your posts have a minimum or maximum number of words. Or you can ensure that all your posts have a featured image.

After working on PublishPress Checklists all year, the plugin is finally at a point where honestly I can say, “This is awesome!”

Version 2.4 of Checklists is now available with new features that I've been looking forward to for a long time.

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PublishPress Checklists Now Has a Free Version on

Do you care about creating great content with WordPress? Now there's a plugin that allows you to ensure all your content meets your high standards.

We've released a free version of the PublishPress Checklists plugin. You can get the free version on

PublishPress Checklists is the best way to make sure that your content is ready to go live. This plugin enables you to choose pre-publishing requirements for your content. For example, you can require that all posts have a minimum number of words, or that they all have a featured image.

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